Our Nursery

From preschool care to school pick ups, we’re here to make sure your child is well looked after when you can’t be there.

We make experiences magical, memorable and fun and actively encourage our children to explore, learn and interact. Our open door policy means you can come in and see how your little one is getting on at anytime.

Capers is unique in that we are the only local nursery to offer flexible bookings over an eight week period, making us ideal for parents that are students, shift workers and those that have flexible working hours. We also offer additional hours (when possible) on request. In other words, you don’t pay for days you don’t book, meaning you don’t get charged for bank holidays etc when your child would usually be in nursery. Going on holiday? Just ensure you don’t book your child into nursery on those dates and you won’t be charged.


What more could you ask for in a nursery?

Why choose Capers?

  • Loving and educational day care nursery
  • Professional child day care services
  • Holiday club and after school club
  • Family business, run by a fully qualified teacher
  • Open door policy – come in and see us!
  • Fun and educational activities
  • Children from 3 months up to 11 years welcome
  • A safe and caring home from home environment
  • Competitive prices and we don’t charge retainers
  • Flexible bookings – don’t pay for when your child isn’t here!